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Are You Substituting Your Addiction? – The impact of Coffee & Cigarettes

Many times in recovery, individuals will substitute addictions without even realizing it. Propensity to engage in poor food choices, including sugar, caffeine, propensity to use nicotine, as well as addictive experiences such as shopping, leisure, and sexuality are often overlooked in recovery. Are these behaviors present in your recovery? What are the implications of this, why does this happen, and ultimately, how do we make our recovery as wholesome as possible?

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9 Ways to Manage the Super Bowl While Sober

Game Day doesn’t need to be a reason to consume alcohol. If you are new to recovery, the Super Bowl might be a strange time. What was once a reason to drink and party now has become something to fear – but fret not my friend. I can assure you it is just a sports game – nothing more. You can and will have fun watching this game without the need to drink. So, if you’re looking ahead to enjoying a little football this weekend break and NOT drinking, below’s exactly how to do that.

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The Naloxone Guide

Each day, individuals save lives by administering naloxone to those that have overdosed on opioids. As of today, Naloxone is an essential tool used by first responders in cities across the country. Even some communities offer free kits containing easy-to-use naloxone spray called Narcan. Naloxone is the go-to drug for people on the front-lines of the opioid epidemic but it is also an important contributor to medication-assisted therapy.

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How Effective is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication Assisted Treatment or Medication Assisted Therapy is the use of medications alongside psychotherapies like CBT. MAT is an evidence-based therapy meaning it has been researched and been shown to be effective for the treatment of substance abuse treatment; but how effective is it?

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The Value of Appreciation in Recovery

Who are we to get to use substances to “shut off” the world, or numb our pain? What makes us so special that we get the “easy way” out in life, as opposed to facing our struggles with courage, dignity, integrity, and gratitude like many others? Of the many perpetuating factors of substance use, the entitlement factor described is one that can be challenged and defeated entirely within the self.

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