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Coalition Recovery exists to provide state-licensed, nationally-accredited addiction treatment to those in need through both part-time and full-time programs. We believe that the most effective treatment for substance use disorders is individualized to each client and combines both therapy and medication. Our team of addiction treatment professionals treats every client with respect and compassion while utilizing innovative approaches to treatment. And our aftercare and Renaissance programs ensure that every one of our clients has the tools they need for lasting sobriety


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Our Approach to Treatment

about coalition recovery in tampa, floridaInstead of focusing on one drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment model, we utilize every tool in the box. While we use standard evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT, we also utilize cutting-edge, evidence-based methods that dive deeper into your specific addiction. The treatment model here at Coalition Recovery has been analyzed in every aspect possible to provide our clients with the best chance for long-term recovery. Leading our model is how we treat addiction. We offer a variety of different behavioral health therapy techniques:

The core of our treatment, however, lies in one-on-one clinical therapy. It is during this therapy that we work with you to find the source of your substance abuse – whether it is rooted in stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other co-occurring disorder. Within the first day of arrival, our clients go through a detailed medical screening with a psychiatrist, physician, and therapist to establish the best course of action for their individualized treatment. We believe this approach, along with standard behavioral therapy techniques, builds a complete treatment program. Through this model, we are covering every aspect of addiction from the mind, body, and spirit. We don’t treat your addiction – we treat you!

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Our treatment center in Tampa offers a full continuum of care. No matter what life obligations you may have, we can create an individualized treatment program that works for you. We even offer specific behavioral therapy programs for working adults, college students, members of the LGBTQ community, and those serving or have served in the military.

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