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group at a nutrition and wellness programAt Coalition Recovery, we offer a wide variety of resources and evidence-based therapies to help individuals overcome their struggles with alcohol or drug abuse disorders. One of the resources that we offer is nutrition and wellness therapy. A nutrition and wellness program can help our patients acquire knowledge of food and diet so that they can provide their bodies with the nutrients necessary for health.

How Does Nutrition and Wellness Therapy Affect Emotions?

The various hormones in our bodies are frequently regulated by the food that we eat, so when we need more or less of a hormone, this is often easily achieved by adjusting one’s diet. Understanding the role of nutrition for overall wellness is easiest when you consider the effects that unhealthy foods can have on the body. The intake of these high-fat foods cause an imbalance in the blood, particularly with hormones, and trigger such symptoms as unstable and unpredictable changes in emotions. Likewise, foods that are high in sugar are known to cause mood imbalances and negatively affect mental insight and clarity. In short, the brain functions at a much lower level when an individual consumes a diet that is high in fat and sugar, which have been directly linked to things like heart disease and diabetes. Limiting or ceasing the intake of high-fat or unhealthy foods can cause significant changes in both mood and behavior.

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At Coalition Recovery, we recognize that not all individuals have the same recovery needs. However, being that addiction is a disease that can disrupt the chemical and hormonal balance of the body and mind, we encourage our patients to learn more about their nutrition needs so as to ensure that their recoveries are as successful as possible. If you or someone you love would like to learn more about the nutrition and wellness programs we offer or for more information about our other treatment programs, either complete our confidential online form or call Coalition Recovery today at 888.707.2873.