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At Coalition Recovery, we believe recovery is possible for everyone, no matter how hurtful their addiction has been. Rehabilitation is a journey in which we partner with our clients to ensure they have the tools they need to maintain their sobriety for life–but true recovery involves more than staying sober. True recovery is reclaiming one’s capacity to feel happiness, to form healthy and supportive relationships, to engage in meaningful activities, and to find a beautiful and passionate goal for daily life.

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What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is a more flexible, less structured path to recovery. In outpatient treatment, the patient can participate in counseling, education, medication management, and other recovery services during the day while living at home or in a transitional living center. Detoxification services are also provided in outpatient settings. Outpatient programs are offered in many locations: rehab facilities, hospitals, community health centers, and correctional facilities, and more.

Outpatient services are appropriate for individuals who have graduated from inpatient treatment and who are ready to make the transition back to the community. This level of care may also be the right choice for those in the early stages of drug abuse who are still functioning effectively and who are highly motivated to quit.