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coalition recovery locations in tampa, floridaCoalition Recovery specializes in providing life-saving addiction recovery programs to patients in the Tampa, Florida area. Our addiction treatment center prides itself on offering the highest levels of care, safety, and comfort to each patient. We offer every level of care in our Tampa drug rehab, starting with detox.

In order to effectively combat the disease of addiction, we provide our Tampa Bay patients with all the tools necessary to promote growth, healing, and addiction recovery. With our combination of evidence-based psychotherapies, holistic therapies, and aftercare we have one of the most comprehensive treatment strategies there is to offer. A few of our most popular programs include:

Sober Living in Tampa

In addition to our crisis intervention and drug addiction treatment services, we offer sober living residences where individuals in early recovery can live in a safe, supportive environment. These luxury homes offer a variety of amenities and can be helpful in the transition back to everyday life. Our luxury sober living program helps people develop in the following areas:

  • Career development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relapse prevention
  • Sober networking

At Coalition, we recognize that shame is the enemy of recovery. Helping people get the skills they need helps our clients move on to lead healthier, happier lives. Even if you feel hopeless and exhausted, we want you to know that addiction recovery is possible.

Addiction Recovery Telehealth Programs

For people who cannot make it to our Tampa drug treatment center for rehab, we offer telehealth programs. Clients all over the state can participate in therapy sessions and receive support for their journey to recovery.

Recovery Starts at Coalition’s Tampa Rehab

Here’s the good news. Drug addiction doesn’t have to control your future. Our compassionate, approachable, knowledgeable staff at Coalition will help you through the detox process and into our recovery programs. During therapy, you will learn to recognize the thought and behavior patterns that have tended to cause problems in your life. We do this through our innovative programs and evidence-based care. You’ll work one-on-one with our counselors and in group therapy to tackle the issues that are holding you back.

College Admittance & Job Skills

In addition to our extensive aftercare resources, we have pioneered an entirely new student rehab program designed specifically for students, potential students, and former students who want to restart their education. The goal of this program is admittance into higher education, but it can also be used to help people develop job skills and build their careers.

Why Is Mental Health Support Important?

The transition between the highly structured environment of a treatment program and the real world can be difficult. After completing a drug treatment program, many people find that they require more support to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Many people also find that they enjoy the support of people who understand mental illness and who have their own recovery experiences. At Coalition, we provide mental health support throughout the rehab process. You will be free to share whatever issues are on your mind, including thoughts or emotions you have been experiencing, problems or conflicts, or any other concerns.

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Coalition Recovery always prioritizes our patient’s individual needs through extensive levels of care provided by experienced staff. If you are in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, look no further. Contact Coalition Recovery at 888.707.2873 to learn more.