coalition recovery locations in tampa, floridaCoalition Recovery specializes in providing patients with individualized treatment plans. Our addiction treatment center prides itself on offering the highest levels of care, safety, and comfortability to each patient. We offer every level of drug and alcohol treatment for your convenience. Coalition Recovery is equipped to offer:

In order to effectively combat the disease of addiction, we provide patients with all the tools necessary. With the combination of evidence-based psychotherapies, holistic therapies, and aftercare we have one of the most comprehensive treatment strategies there is to offer.

For those who cannot make it to our Tampa recovery center for treatment, we offer telehealth programs. Clients all over the state can participate in therapy sessions and receive support for their journey to recovery.

In addition, we offer sober living residences where individuals in early recovery can live in a safe, supportive environment. These residences offer a variety of amenities and can be helpful in the transition back to everyday life.

Coalition Recovery always prioritizes our patient’s individual needs through extensive levels of care provided by experienced staff. If you are in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, look no further. Contact Coalition Recovery at 888.707.2873 to learn more.