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Coalition Recovery is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab located near Sun City, FL. Our comprehensive substance abuse program offers advanced, individualized treatment programs that are specific to every different client’s journey.

We find great importance in handling every person’s experience differently. That’s because we all come from different places and have had different experiences. By implementing the latest advancements in addiction medicine, we are able to give you the greatest possibility of achieving long-term recovery.

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How Drug and Alcohol Rehab Works



Complete Medical Detox

Substance use disorders are serious illnesses that can cause deep-rooted problems. Addiction affects people in the mind, body, and spirit. However, the first thing that must be addressed is the body. Detoxification is a process that if done improperly or unmanaged can be a disastrous experience. When you become dependent on a substance, you will start to go through withdrawal within at least 24 hours.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal is severely difficult to deal with at home and unsupervised, we strongly advise against it especially for those coming off benzodiazepines and alcohol. Withdrawal from both of those substances can be fatal and if not it is still an excruciating experience.

Once you’ve been through an assessment with our clinical staff, you will be given the proper treatment and medication immediately so you can have as smooth a process of detoxification as possible. Our top goal at Coalition Recovery is to make you feel comfortable and safe, and detox is a place to let your body heal physically.

Specialized Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Coalition Recovery, located near the Sun City, FL area, we offer several levels of care. These include medical detox, an intensive outpatient program, and outpatient treatment. We believe it is important to follow a model that allows clients to build a new life and anticipate what their future will look like in sobriety.

Our PHP/IOP phase is the heart of our program and where most clients get to really begin their new path in recovery. We feel building a life with a slow transition back into the real world is the best way to set up for success. Our suggested time for clients is to stay for 90 days.

The first month of our drug and alcohol rehab near Sun City, FL is for patients to learn about themselves and their addiction. Coalition Recovery offers seven hours of therapy a day on weekdays. We cover all areas necessary to be ready for a life in recovery. When clients reach the second and third months, they will begin to learn about necessary life skills and coping skills.

Group Therapy and Recovery

Psychotherapy is vital to anyone’s recovery process from substance abuse. While Coalition Recovery offers plenty of individualized therapy, we also value group therapy as a tool because:

  • Participants develop social skills while sober
  • It can hold the group accountable to each other
  • Group therapy allows people to vocalize affection for others
  • Participants can process and talk about fears
  • It encourages transparency with others
  • Group therapy fosters personal growth

Group therapy can cover a broad range of topics and allow everyone involved to process their views and the topic. It really helps clients to see that their fears are similar to others.

We have experienced communities become very tightly knit due to activities and therapy in a group setting. It’s important for every individual to recognize the vital importance of having a support network and that life is much better in that setting than trying to do it all alone.

Principles and Values of Group Therapy

When clients are in a group therapy setting, there are some principles that must be made clear. There can potentially be very personal information shared during the groups, that person sharing intimate details about their life is entrusting every single other person in that group. It is not to be taken lightly. A couple of key principles to group therapy include:

  • Confidentiality – It can not be stated enough: things that are shared in a group setting should never leave that room. When someone is open and willing to be vulnerable to a whole group of people, the response is crucial in how it will make them grow. Throwing something personal back in someone’s face after they shared it with you earlier could be devastating to somebody’s life. Recovery is a time to practice respect and dignity, confidentiality is the absolute top principle of group therapy.
  • Participation – Participating in group therapy is vital. Staying away from participating is counter-productive as there is no growth in simply listening to other people’s problems along with other people providing feedback. The growth takes place in the action, and without action there is no room for improvement.







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In addition to our IOP program, Coalition Recovery offers sober housing. This complements our programs and can be a helpful way for Sun City residents to maintain their sobriety while in treatment. During your time in our sober living residence, you’ll connect with others in recovery. Additionally, the structured environment can help you avoid relapse. Our dedicated, compassionate team members staff our sober living residence and offer support.



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