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Cocaine is a stimulant drug with addictive properties that makes it easy for people to form a dependency. If you believe that you or a loved one has a problem with cocaine, Coalition Recovery’s cocaine addiction treatment program in Tampa Bay can help you work through your issues and regain control of your life. Through personalized addiction treatment programs and evidence-based therapies, we help our clients take back control of their lives.

Why You May Need Cocaine Addiction Treatmentwoman gets cocaine addiction treatment

Individuals with a substance abuse problem centered around cocaine may use other drugs as well. Most people take cocaine by snorting it or through injection. That opens you up to the possibility of contracting a blood disease like Hepatitis C because of needle sharing.

Some people smoke a crystal rock form of cocaine called crack. It produces a more immediate high than you might receive from snorting powder cocaine, though it doesn’t last as long. Continuous use of cocaine can lead to physical problems like:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Raised body temperature
  • Loss of your sense of smell
  • Heart issues
  • Twitching and tremors
  • Nosebleeds
  • High blood pressure

Many people use cocaine recreationally. However, it can get to a point where you can’t get through the day without drugs. You may find your performance at work suffering. Friends and family may feel compelled to stage an intervention about your cocaine abuse.

You may be in denial about your potential cocaine addiction. One sign that you have a serious problem that might require drug rehab is starting withdrawal when you try to stop using cocaine. Withdrawal from cocaine can produce symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Body aches
  • Feeling cravings for cocaine

It’s not a good idea to go through cocaine withdrawal without support. You may end up experiencing a medical emergency if you don’t receive treatment in time. Coalition Recovery offers a detox program for individuals who need help purging toxins left behind by cocaine abuse.

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Your drug abuse may be exacerbated by an underlying mental illness like depression or anxiety. On the other hand, a severe cocaine addiction may cause you to develop a mental health disorder. It’s essential that you receive help for all aspects of your disease when receiving cocaine addiction treatment in Tampa Bay.

We evaluate you to establish your stability and decide on your next steps. If you are still feeling the effects of cocaine abuse, our staff may recommend that you go through detox before proceeding with long-term treatment. Coalition Recovery asks questions about your medical history, mental health issues, and events from your past that might contribute to your current state.

Cocaine rehab at Coalition Recovery is your chance to stop letting cocaine dictate your actions. You receive access to world-class specialists and therapists capable of helping you get to the roots of your cocaine addiction. We show you skills and strategies to help you remain clean and sober.

Get Help For Cocaine Addiction in Tampa Bay

While it may be hard to see when you’re at your lowest point, there’s always a reason to have hope. Coalition Recovery helps clients learn to end addictive behaviors and learn to get through life free of substance abuse.

Our facility offers a variety of programs and therapy programs to help individuals dealing with a substance use disorder:

  • Alcohol rehab
  • Drug rehab
  • Intervention program
  • Detox program

Change is hard but sometimes necessary. If substance use issues have taken control of your life, let Coalition Recovery help. We’re here to support you along your recovery journey.

If you’re ready, contact our facility today for help at 888.707.2873 or reach out to us online.