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Addiction treatment doesn’t end with a medical detox or a stint at rehab. It is an ongoing process where the clients learn to effectively manage their withdrawals and cravings, develop healthy coping mechanisms, address the underlying causes of addiction, and hone the necessary life skills to build a sober and successful future. If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, you can reach out to Coalition Recovery for immediate medical treatment, therapy, and life skills training.

At Coalition Recovery, we provide personalized evidence-based treatment therapies and recovery plans for our clients, along with intensive life skills training so that they learn to be independent and self-sufficient. Call us at 888.707.2873 to know more.

Why We Offer a Life Skills Training Programgroup gets life skills training

Reconnecting to society after addiction can be hard. The clients may have to deal with the stresses of work and family life, look for new jobs, rebuild strained relationships and face the triggers that prompted their addiction in the first place.

We offer a life skills training program so that clients can:

  • Think critically and make the right decisions
  • Learn to take care of themselves and maintain hygiene
  • Communicate effectively with friends, family, and strangers
  • Focus on their jobs/studies, or look for employment
  • Have a healthy routine with daily exercise
  • Develop skills for basic budgeting and finance management
  • Work through trauma and mental health issues in therapy
  • Unlearn toxic thought patterns and replace them with healthier habits
  • Address and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner
  • Pursue new hobbies and sober activities that bring joy and fulfillment

With some of the best doctors, health experts, and life coaches as part of our stellar team, we ensure that every client, be it students or adults, has the necessary tools and resources to successfully navigate the obstacles of life.

The Secret to Sober Living at Coalition Recovery

Our sober living homes (or recovery residences or halfway houses) are designed so that clients in their recovery phase can live together and learn from each other without succumbing to the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

At our recovery residences, clients will have access to all of the following:

  • Weekly house groups that foster a sense of community
  • Supportive life skills groups to improve one’s cognitive and interpersonal skills
  • Recovery study groups for students and professionals
  • Free cable and wifi so that individuals can have access to high-speed internet for work, job searching, and entertainment
  • Regular recreational activities with holistic approaches to ensure wellness

We have multiple sober living homes in Tampa Bay where individuals can develop their life skills in a safe and comfortable environment, equipped with the latest amenities.

Addiction Treatment Therapy and Aftercare in Tampa Bay

We understand that there are many barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help for their addiction. For the last six years, Coalition Recovery has been committed to removing some of those obstacles in and around Tampa Bay by creating safe and inclusive spaces for all, having specialized rehab facilities, and partnering with universities to raise awareness about drug abuse on campus.

Our specialized rehab programs include:

  • Student rehab program
  • Young adults rehab program
  • LGBT rehab program
  • Military rehab program
  • Professionals rehab program

Without proper therapy, a support system, and the requisite life skills, a client in recovery may relapse. At Coalition Recovery, we understand the importance of aftercare and aim to provide individuals with medical help and holistic healing throughout. With regular check-ins, group meetings, and one-on-one therapy sessions, our qualified and empathetic staff ensure that every client receives adequate guidance on their journey to wellness and sobriety.

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