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Our addiction treatment programs incorporate both individual and group therapy sessions into treatment plans. Both of these approaches offer unique benefits and help clients in different ways. Whether you’re participating in a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, or an outpatient program, group therapy will be a foundational part of your treatment plan.

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The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Treatmentgroup talks about group therapy

Group therapy can offer a range of benefits as part of a treatment plan. 

  • More time in therapy
  • Connections with your peers
  • Reinforces healthy coping skills
  • New perspectives on recovery

Most addiction treatment programs will incorporate group therapy into programming every single day. This is because group sessions allow each client to spend more time with a therapist than would be possible with one-on-one sessions alone. Spending more time in therapy can be a factor in the success of treatment.

Those in recovery benefit from connecting with others who are working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. In group therapy, you’ll get to know your peers in treatment. You’ll hear their stories, have the opportunity to share your own story and will develop a strong network of support that can be invaluable on the road to recovery.

Healthy coping skills are a critical component of recovery. Knowing how to handle triggers for relapse like stress can help you maintain sobriety long-term. In group therapy, you’ll be able to talk through these strategies and can even try them out in a safe, supportive setting.

Finally, group sessions will help you see recovery from a number of different perspectives. This can help you reframe your approach to sobriety and see challenges in a new, healthier way.

Types of Group Therapy

Many evidence-based and holistic approaches to treatment can be used in a group therapy setting. Some of the therapies we offer at Coalition Recovery include:

  • 12 step therapy – Clients work through the 12 steps both independently and as a group
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This approach helps clients reframe their thoughts and develop healthy coping skills
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – Mindfulness, emotion regulation, and social skills are some of the core skills learned from this type of therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy – Creating a plan to avoid relapse in the future can be an invaluable tool

The type of therapy you engage in will be determined by your treatment team. At Coalition Recovery, we offer 12 step programming, but also have non-12 step options available for clients who would like to try a different approach.

What to Expect in Group Therapy

During group therapy sessions, your therapist might set a theme for a session, might introduce a question for group members to consider, or might have activities for you to participate in. 

Opening up in front of a group of people can be intimidating. You’ll be encouraged to share your experiences and perspectives, but will not be forced to. However, we find that clients begin to quickly make progress once they take the initial leap into being open with their peers.

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In our recovery center in Tampa, FL, we offer personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. Lasting, sustainable recovery is possible. Group therapy is just one part of a comprehensive approach to treatment. Individual therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and family therapy can help you rebuild your life.

We also offer holistic therapies and services designed to help our clients heal in body, mind, and spirit. These include:

  • Nutrition and wellness services
  • Recreation and outings
  • Yoga therapy

Our aftercare program provides continuing support and care even after clients finish treatment. Discover the difference that Coalition Recovery can make in your life–reach out to our team today at 888.707.2873 or contact us online to learn more.