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people at a telehealth rehab centerCoalition Recovery offers a brand new and convenient way to receive substance abuse care – entirely through online communication called telehealth. Because our telehealth rehab program is 100% online, it is now one of the most accessible forms of addiction treatment programs today! Now, anyone with a computer, tablet, or phone can have access to substance abuse rehabilitation. This online treatment program has been created for individuals who do not have ready access to a full treatment program.

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Coalition Recovery is one of the first treatment centers in Florida to offer a full treatment program completely online. Learn more by contacting us today at 888.707.2873.

Online Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Where telehealth encompasses any medical practice done remotely over the phone or online, a telehealth rehab program is specific to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This type of program offers everything an in-person rehab offers – from group therapy sessions, family therapy, and even individual therapy sessions with a private therapist.

The beauty of telehealth is that it fits with any schedule. You have a busy day today? No problem, schedule an hour during your lunch break! Couldn’t make group therapy this morning? You can reschedule for later this afternoon! Too often life gets in the way, but your recovery shouldn’t suffer because of these circumstances. Tele-treatment makes it easy to overcome these obstacles and keep your recovery on track.


At Coalition Recovery, we utilize the safest software available to keep your information secure. Every documentation needed can be done through our secure portal – meaning any information sent and received will be transcribed and coded to prevent hacking of any kind.

Cost of Online Treatment

Insurance now covers telehealth treatment, and Coalition Recovery can work with your insurance provider to ensure that you are covered. If you don’t have insurance, telehealth rehab is extremely affordable. Telehealth is actually more economical than an inpatient rehab facility. Because everyone’s program, frequency, and schedules are different, pricing is done case-by-case. To find out how much telehealth will cost you, all that is required is a five-minute phone call with one of our representatives who are available 24/7

Virtual Recovery Infographic
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Coalition Recovery’s Virtual Rehab Program

Coalition Recovery now offers telehealth rehab through our virtual recovery program. This is a one-of-a-kind program designed to bring our award-winning treatment program to everyone. No matter where you live or how busy your life, our virtual rehab can help you.

With this completely online program, you will have access to our highly experienced staff of licensed therapists, psychologists, and board-certified psychiatrists to help prescribe and manage medications as well as co-occurring mental disorders.

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