people at a military rehab programMilitary personnel commonly endure great stress and difficulty for protecting the nation and all it stands for. Unfortunately, this stress can frequently result in alcohol abuse and even addiction. While the National Institute on Substance Abuse reports that using illicit drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine are much less common in active-duty military members when compared to the common public, the misuse of alcohol and prescription drugs is still extensive, and this problem appears to be intensifying each year. Military rehab programs are designed to help, allowing them to proceed to lead healthy and happy lives free from drug abuse.

At Coalition Recovery, we offer a military rehab program for those who have served our nation and are struggling with substance abuse. Reach out to our team at 888.707.2873 to learn more.

Our Military Rehab Program for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Some people don’t see the indications of their addiction as they may work at a nominally acceptable level throughout their military careers. When these people return home, however, their behaviors likely cause their families alarm or distress. On lots of occasions, they may be asked to admit their addiction and ask for support in order to avoid inevitable family complications.

At Coalition Recovery, the treatment process starts with a detox program. This initial action enables the body to adjust without substances. Sometimes, it can be a harsh shift. Alcohol often tends to leave a significant amount of damage behind, decreasing electrical activity inside the brain to such a degree that the cells become unfamiliar to regular levels of functioning. Some people can come to be irritable and angry. As the process moves on, some maybe even have seizures called delirium tremens.

Because detoxification can be dangerous, it is recommended that people have the help of medical professionals. Professional treatment programs start and the healing process proceeds once detoxification is over.

At Coalition Recovery, we offer a wide range of therapies in our military rehab program to help those who are struggling with addiction heal. Therapy might involve:

  • Talking
  • Activities
  • Role-play exercises
  • Viewing video clips

Some therapists even include hand movements into their therapies, using a technique known as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Any of these techniques can allow military members to move past their trauma, so they can stay in the here and now without numbing their feelings with drugs or alcohol.

Along with the treatments pointed out earlier, individuals with an alcohol addiction need to learn how to find their triggers for drinking and control those situations when they take hold. Conventional addiction treatment commonly helps– especially in a group environment. In a support system, people have an opportunity to really think of what makes them drink. They can likewise practice techniques that can help them to manage their cravings without relapsing. On top of that, meetings can provide problem drinkers with the sense of community they may be missing out on after they’ve left active service.

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Coalition Recovery considerably values the sacrifices that the brave men and women of the military make daily, and the emotional and physical toll it can place on them and their families. With that in mind, Coalition Recovery is well-appointed to help veterans with their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, providing comfort and care in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Please call Coalition Recovery at 888.707.2873 if you‘d like to begin a military rehab program. We supply both inpatient and outpatient therapy options in Florida. We can develop a personalized recovery program just for you that uses clinically validated therapies.