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Codeine is a type of prescription medication often given to treat mild pain. While it can be used safely by many people when doctor instructions are followed, there are situations where addiction can occur. This can also lead to more advanced pain medication addiction. At Coalition Recovery, our drug rehab program can help men and women with addiction to find the support they need to stop. Our comprehensive codeine addiction treatment program may help you regain your health and your future.

What Is Codeine and Why Do You Need a Codeine Rehab Program?Woman Attending Codeine Rehab Program

Codeine is often prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain. It is a type of opiate drug, and in that way, it can be a narcotic with addictive qualities. Sometimes people use it along with acetaminophen, a combination known as Tylenol 3. In all uses (tablet and liquid), it does create a risk for addiction, especially when used without a prescription.

When used, this drug can cause relaxation and drowsiness. It can also cause euphoria, a sense of a high that reduces stress and makes you feel good. It is less potent than other types of opioids but can still cause the brain to develop a dependence. That means the body and brain become reliant on the drug to function normally. This can happen to some people, even when using the drug as the doctor recommends.

Signs You May Need a Codeine Addiction Treatment Program

You may have a very real reason to use codeine, such as for chronic pain. That can make it hard to know when you are using the drug safely or when you are facing addiction. Here are some warning signs that you may need a codeine rehab program:

  • You’re not following your doctor’s directions – you’re using more of it or using it more often
  • You need to use more than you used to – a sign of tolerance
  • You understand the risks of using but continue to use
  • When you don’t use the drugs, you don’t feel good, have pain, and develop anxiety
  • You are running out of prescription medications before you should

Addiction to codeine can be damaging to your health, as it can cause a range of complications for the brain, heart, and kidneys. It can also lead to the risk of overdose. Some people also struggle with mixing this drug with others to create a more intense outcome. This makes it more likely that you’ll suffer an overdose of the drug.

What Can a Codeine Addiction Treatment Program Do for You?

It’s wise to work closely with a codeine rehab program like ours at Coalition Recovery if you know you are using this prescription outside of what you should. You may not even have a prescription for it. Our team can provide an assessment and then create an individualized treatment plan to help you overcome your addiction.

We offer a range of options to help you in our codeine addiction treatment program, including:

  • Drug detox services
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Virtual recovery services
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Holistic recovery program

A codeine rehab program can provide you with tools and strategies to help you cope with your pain but also with the mental health complications that often come with addiction. We offer evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment that can help to restore your wellbeing and give you the confidence you need to reclaim your life.

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Our codeine rehab program is designed to empower you and your healing from addiction. Are you ready to embrace a future without drugs? At Coalition Recovery, our codeine addiction treatment program is designed to support your long-term sobriety. To learn more about it or our other services, call 888.707.2873 or reach out to us online today.