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addiction treatment admissionsIt is our mantra that your internal motivation can be an invaluable source of power. Together we will wake up and commit to following our dreams–because tomorrow matters.

Learn more about our admissions process for our addiction treatment programs. Coalition Recovery offers specialized treatment programs for students, working professionals, veterans, and those currently serving in the military. We offer in-person treatment in our Tampa recovery center, and through telehealth treatment options, anyone in the state of Florida can receive the treatment they need. In addition, in our sober living homes, patients can receive support during their time in treatment. Learn more by contacting us today at 888.707.2873 or by reviewing our frequently asked questions.

Taking The First Steps

After we’ve gathered the information below, our team will start to verify with the insurance provider. Once we’ve received the results, we will contact you or your loved one and talk step-by-step through the financial responsibilities that may be required. Because this can be confusing and sometimes stressful, we will do everything in our power to provide the information as clearly as possible, with all payment options available. Our mission is to ensure finances are never an obstacle to receiving quality treatment.

The next step will be a medical pre-assessment to determine if the client’s medical needs fit the treatment given at our program. If immediate medical detox or a level of care we cannot treat is determined, Coalition Recovery has relationships with other highly reputable and respected programs and will guide you through this process so the best possible care for your needs is received.

If the level of care has been approved for our treatment you will be given a list of allowed personal belongings, and transportation to our center will be organized.

After someone finally arrives at our facility, the next few days will be spent meeting with our clinical and medical specialists. Once these examinations and consultations are complete, a highly specialized treatment program will be established and started immediately. From this point on our caring and talented staff will work day in and day out with you to ensure the safest and longest-lasting form of recovery.

When speaking with one of our admissions specialists please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Location/State
  • Drug/Alcohol history and usage
  • Insurance Information
  • Any other information that may be relevant (Policy type – PPO, HMO, etc.)

From your first phone call, we’ll begin to create a personalized treatment plan. The sooner you can begin treatment, the better. Early intervention is key for lasting recovery.

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Reach out to our admissions team today to get started. You can contact us online or give us a call at 888.707.2873 to learn more about how Coalition Recovery can help you heal.