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Woman Attending Heroin Rehab ProgramAre you using heroin and struggling to stop? Or are you watching your loved one battle this addiction? Coalition Recovery offers a comprehensive heroin rehab program designed to provide you with one-on-one support from detox through recovery. Our heroin addiction treatment program incorporates a range of evidence-based therapies and the best doctors available in the region at our drug rehab center. Let us help you overcome your addiction and start on the path towards healing.

What Is Heroin and Why Is It So Addictive?

Heroin is a highly potent opiate. It has a significant impact on the brain. It works to trigger the reward system in the brain. This creates a sense of euphoria as the brain releases endorphins and dopamine. When this happens, the “high” created is one that feels good – making you want to do it again and again. It does not take long for dependence to occur. Dependence occurs when the body and brain become reliant on those drugs to function normally. It’s also important to know that heroin use can lead to tolerance. That means you may need to use more of the substance over time as your body gets used to it.

Do You Need a Heroin Rehab Program?

The signs of addiction to heroin are often easy to spot. Any use of heroin can put you at risk for developing an addiction. There is no safe level of use. Some of the most common heroin addiction symptoms include:

  • Needing to use more of it to get the same high
  • Having cravings or thinking about it often
  • Trying to stop using but failing to do so
  • Recognizing the problems and risks of using and still doing so
  • Feeling intense pain, agitation, anxiety, and muscle spasms when you don’t use

A heroin addiction treatment program may be beneficial to you if you are using heroin. Because of how addictive this drug is, it can be impossible to stop using it on your own. The good news is you don’t have to do so because our heroin rehab program can provide you with tools to make it easier.

How Can a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program Help You?

Within our heroin rehab program, you will receive a comprehensive assessment. An individualized treatment plan is then created for you. Our team works closely with you to determine the best type of treatment for your needs. We offer detox services, intensive outpatient programs, and other treatment options for you.

Once you are enrolled in the heroin addiction treatment program, you’ll work with a team of professionals in a number of evidence-based therapies. Some of those therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Accelerated resolution therapy
  • 12 step optional therapy
  • Amino acid therapy
  • Yoga therapy programs

When you make the decision to get help from Coalition Recovery, you’ll be in a heroin addiction treatment program designed to support your healing in mind, body, and spirit. You’ll feel empowered to take better control over your life.

Why Choose Our Addiction Rehab Program?

Our team works with all those in need. This includes students in college who may be struggling to remain in school while battling addiction. Our student programs can help you overcome addiction while also not putting your academic future on hold.

Our heroin rehab program is also designed to incorporate the very best doctors in the region. We work hard to ensure you are getting the highest level of care and support when you are working with us.

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At Coalition Recovery, our heroin rehab program is designed to support your healing in the most effective manner possible. Let our team help you overcome your addiction one step at a time. To learn more about our heroin addiction treatment program, call 888.707.2873 or connect with us online now.