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group at a student rehab programA student’s time in college is pivotal to who they become as a person. Due to the independence and separation from home, who they become as a person is influenced and significantly changes from the time they arrive on campus. Not only is their lifelong career path paved, but also their values, beliefs, and social environment: everything that makes a person unique.

College students and their experiences pose special circumstances. Therefore, specialized treatment programs for substance abuse should be tailored to students in regard to their unique lifestyle. Here at Coalition Recovery, we pride ourselves on doing just that. By creating a student rehab program, we have built a recovery community of like-minded individuals all with similar goals of higher-education.

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If you are a college student or parent of a student, rest assured there are policies in place within each university to safely and effectively take a leave of absence for substance abuse treatment programs without sacrificing academics. Learn more about our student rehab program at Coalition Recovery by contacting us today at 888.707.2873.

Drug Abuse in College

For many, the transition into college can be influential. Not only are they concerned about their academics, but there’s added pressure when meeting new people and trying new experiences. Balancing all of these new and exciting events can be hard, and for some, they may turn to drugs or alcohol to help. Students who abuse drugs and alcohol usually do so to alleviate stress; whether due to academics, peer pressure, or alleviating social anxiety. No matter why drugs or alcohol are used, it can lead to unexpected dependence and abuse.

The Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is our aftercare initiative specifically designed for current and future students. Our educational coaches help each student create a structured program to help them accomplish their goals all while in treatment. The Renaissance program is designed for current students to help them further their resources as well as future students to help them obtain admission. Whether you are seeking a G.E.D., technical college, vocational schooling, or a 4-year-university, the Renaissance program can be a vital resource for you.

Future Students

We believe higher education can be a catalyst for long-term success. Therefore, our education coaches continually support and advocate for higher education opportunities. A part of treatment is aligning one’s goals and aspirations. We help people find what they are passionate about and later align those interests with realistic career goals. Through this method, we have found that people are more willing and naturally excited to pursue education. This enthusiasm is an important facet in staying focused and motivated while attending school.

Contact Coalition Recovery for Our Student Rehab Program

If you are a parent, student, or have goals to be a future student; call Coalition Recovery today at 888.707.2873. Our representatives can walk you through our student treatment program as well as the Renaissance Program to find out if it would be a good fit. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have. By promoting a person’s strengths and passions, we can help drive purpose – building one of the major pillars for long-lasting sobriety. Reach out to our team at 888.707.2873 to learn more.