amino acid therapy session in floridaThere are many different therapies available to treat substance abuse problems. Often, we associate counseling and psychotherapy with substance abuse recovery. However, numerous symptoms and preferences are more effectively treated by holistic and alternative techniques rather than traditional therapies. For this reason, Coalition Recovery offers many complementary and supplemental therapies, including amino acid therapy for addiction. Since there can be an overlap between certain psychological disorders and addiction, amino acid therapy can be an extremely effective tool for addiction rehabilitation.

What Are Some Benefits of Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino acid therapy and other treatment programs offer many benefits. Among the most significant are:

  • Correction of neurochemical imbalance – Individuals who suffer from depression and other mood disorders often have naturally low levels of certain neurotransmitters, which is the source of mood instability. Mood instability can be a contributing factor to an alcohol or substance abuse disorder for many people. Yet, individuals in treatment for substance abuse problems that have mood instability often respond positively to amino acid therapy since the therapy helps alleviate the residual effects (namely the neurochemical imbalance) of long-term substance abuse.
  • Treatment tailored to your needs – Amino acid therapy typically starts with a genetic test. Through genetic testing, we’re able to determine the specific number of genetic modifications in your alleles. This information can shed light on your genetic predisposition to addiction and provide you with insight for you and your family on how your genetics played a role in addiction. We take this information and match you with a specifically designed pharmaceutical-grade formulation to begin your amino acid therapy treatment.
  • Improved physical wellness – Amino acid therapy is the strategic and periodic increase of high-protein foods in the diet, as well as the use of supplements that will introduce more amino acids into the body. These amino acids act as therapeutic properties that help to repair the body on a microscopic level. The result is enhanced physical vitality, which builds your sense of self-confidence and well-being. This self-confidence helps to build the fortitude for continuing recovery.

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