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12 step therapy in floridaEach person’s recovery is a unique journey. Since no two people have the exact same recovery needs, it’s crucial for there to be a variety of rehabilitative resources available, ensuring that each client has an individualized treatment plan. At Coalition Recovery, we recognize that many patients have spiritual or religious beliefs. Moreover, many of these religious and spiritual patients hope to reconnect with their beliefs during their recoveries. For this reason, we offer 12 step therapy as an optional treatment program for substance abuse and addiction as part of our evidence-based therapy programs

No client is required to participate in a 12 step program. We offer a non-12 step track for clients who would like to follow a different path on their journey to recovery.

Benefits of 12 Step Therapy for Addiction Treatment

There are several reasons why 12 step-based therapy has become so popular. Some of the benefits of 12 step therapy include:

  • The spiritual components of recovery — often overlooked by proponents of the clinical side of addiction rehabilitation — are essential to many people. Many individuals lose touch with their faith and beliefs throughout their addiction, causing them to retreat even deeper into the recesses of active addiction. As a result, many individuals have realized that 12 step therapy gives them a way to regain a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life as they overcome their substance abuse problems.
  • Optional 12 step treatment gives individuals the choice to incorporate this method into the recovery process. Any individuals for whom their spirituality or religious beliefs are previously valuable to them have a lot to gain from the inclusion of the 12 step method into a clinical addiction treatment program. On the other hand, people in treatment who are not necessarily religious or spiritual have the choice not to add 12 step therapy into their recovery process.
  • Further, 12 step therapy gives structure to the journey of recovery. By following the 12 step program, patients have a system of milestones that give concrete benchmarks during the progress one makes in recovery. Patients feel gratification and build self-confidence as they “work” the 12 step program.`

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No matter if you’re religious or merely spiritual, our optional 12 step program is available to offer comfort, reassurance, and an additional level of motivation as our patients proceed in the journey of recovery. If you’d like to learn more about 12 step therapy or receive more information about the other resources we offer, call Coalition Recovery today at 888.707.2873 or simply complete our convenient online form. By reaching out to Coalition Recovery, you or your loved ones can take the first steps toward a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment.