The Best Ways To Improve Your Mental Health During Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction takes a significant toll on your health and mental wellbeing. It may make it very hard for you to deal with stress even if you’ve broken through your dependence. You should always work to improve mental health during recovery because doing so can significantly reduce your chances of relapse. At Coalition…

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woman showing how telehealth is changing addiction treatment

How Telehealth Is Changing Addiction Treatment

Telehealth and addiction treatment are becoming more linked with each passing day. While there are still many benefits to coming in for an in-person counseling session, that is not always necessary. What’s more, using online treatment can be faster and more convenient for you. How is the use of this type of virtual treatment changing…

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Court Ordered Treatment in Tampa Through The Florida Marchman Act

Are you in Tampa, Florida and currently seeking a method for court-ordered treatment?
The Marchman Act of Florida is a last resort for individuals who are not willing to participate in treatment but pose a threat to their safety due to their incapacity to make logical decisions as a result of their addiction. The Marchman Act imposes involuntary treatment towards these individuals for up to 90 days.

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