man takes suboxone for addiction treatment

What Is Suboxone Prescribed For?

Treating opioid addiction and managing withdrawal symptoms can be challenging. For many, painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can tempt some individuals to relapse. Certain medications, such as Suboxone, can help relieve these withdrawal symptoms. This FDA-approved medication is often prescribed by doctors to reduce drug cravings and can be a helpful part of a comprehensive…

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woman gets telehealth services

Advantages of Telehealth Services During COVID

Since the pandemic began, telehealth services have risen in popularity. Patients can now consult doctors over a phone or video call, receive prescriptions, and check in on their recovery progress without risking a visit to the clinic. Telehealth services have successfully treated numerous COVID-positive patients, but they can also be effective in addiction treatment. If…

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drugs and alcohol compromising this man's immune system

How Drugs and Alcohol Affect Your Immune System

Your immune system protects you against bacteria and germs, helping you stay healthy and well. It filters out toxins and other harmful substances. The proteins, cells, and organs of your immune system interact in complex ways scientists don’t completely understand. However, when you mix drugs and the immune system, you often get results that can…

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woman gets addiction treatment without stigmas

Addiction Treatment Without LGBTQ Stigmas

Unfortunately, individuals who are part of the LGBTQ community have relatively high rates of substance abuse and addiction. This demographic may also worry about discrimination at potential addiction recovery centers. At Coalition Recovery in Tampa, FL, we have a tailored LGBTQ addiction recovery program where clients receive treatment in a supportive environment. If you or…

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woman gets trauma therapy

The Importance of Trauma Therapy Before Recovery

Experiencing trauma can cause anxiety and panic attacks years after the original event. Sexual assault, active combat, violence, and accidents are examples of events that may require trauma therapy to work through. Avoiding treatment can lead to self-medication via drugs and alcohol. At Coalition Recovery in Tampa Bay, FL, we offer dual diagnosis programs aimed…

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woman gets amino acid therapy

What Is Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino acids are needed to perform vital functions within the human body. You can find amino acids throughout the body. It’s now recognized that amino acids can also benefit individuals struggling with substance use disorders. That’s why Coalition Recovery makes amino acid addiction therapy available to clients having problems overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction.…

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