online opioid treatment

Is Online Opioid Treatment Effective?

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the usefulness of telehealth as a format for addiction treatment. In a telehealth rehab program, you go through treatment online instead of in person. This approach takes advantage of the benefits of today’s remote communications technologies. Can online treatment play a significant part in effective opioid rehab?…

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helping someone with drug addiction

How To Approach Someone You Believe Has An Addiction

Helping someone with an addiction isn’t easy. In any confrontation, whether dirty dishes or alcoholism, you may encounter a range of deflection techniques: avoidance, anger, guilt, aggression, or anything else that prevents you from having a serious or productive conversation. Nonetheless, these conversations are imperative to overcome their struggles. It is only through the realization…

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how to help an addicted loved one

5 Signs Your Loved One is Drinking Too Much

Helping a loved one with alcoholism can be a difficult task. However, before we get to steps to assist them, it would be important to assess if a loved one truly drinks too much. According to SAMHSA, 6.2% of people who drink have an Alcohol Use Disorder. There is no set amount or drinking frequency…

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man sitting on bed dealing with mental health and substance abuse laws

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Laws

In recent years, the stigma behind mental health has lessened to a degree. This is both in part to advocacy, prevalence, and current laws passed within the last four years. Substance abuse and mental health have transitioned from being a moral failure to common disorders. Due to the increasing number of suicides in recent years,…

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person holding a sign striking through alcohol bottles for things to know about alcohol

10 Things I Wish I had Known Earlier About Alcoholism

Everyone reaches a certain age and thinks, “Wow, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself ____.” Many people who used to be alcohol abusers think the same thing about the period they were alcoholics. They wish someone had told them how easy it could happen to them and how they wouldn’t realize how much alcohol affected their lives until it was too late.

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