woman gets addiction treatment without stigmas

Addiction Treatment Without LGBTQ Stigmas

Unfortunately, individuals who are part of the LGBTQ community have relatively high rates of substance abuse and addiction. This demographic may also worry about discrimination at potential addiction recovery centers. At Coalition Recovery in Tampa, FL, we have a tailored LGBTQ addiction recovery program where clients receive treatment in a supportive environment. If you or…

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The Power of Mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness can be simple, yet profound. Mindfulness is the ability to be totally present in the given moment. Your mind is totally focused on and appreciative of the given moment that you find yourself in, without allowing your thoughts to linger on topics that would otherwise distract you from your current state. There are seemingly innumerable ways to practice mindfulness, and varying descriptions of how to increase your level of presence, but one thing is certain: Everyone has the ability to be mindfully present in the given moment.

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How To Spot a Quality Treatment Center

The search for reputable treatment can be hard.  Hopefully, we can steer you in the right direction away from deceptive marketing to save you some time and money. 1. Credentials First and foremost are the licensures of the doctors and therapists of the program. Counselors, therapists, and psychologists are the health professionals responsible for 90%…

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8 Powerful Advantages of Meditation

What is Meditation Individuals have practiced meditation since antiquity. Some of the earliest written records of meditation (Dhyana) come from the Hindi traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE. The aim of meditation is reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception and wellbeing. To meditate, an individual focuses their mind on a particular…

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