holistic recovery

What is Holistic Recovery?

Addiction recovery looks different for everyone. In addition to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and evidence-based therapies (EBT), healthcare experts are now recommending holistic therapy and alternative treatment plans to successfully treat clients and help them live fuller lives. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, call Coalition Recovery today at…

a woman enrolls in outpatient drug rehabilitation services at an outpatient drug rehab in tampa as she discusses the benefits of an outpatient addiction treatment center in tampa and an outpatient drug rehab in florida

Most Common Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. However, regular consumption of drugs and alcohol creates a chemical dependence, with the body craving more and more of the substance to function normally. Quitting on one’s own is unsafe and can lead to serious health complications. So, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Coalition Recovery’s intensive…

coping during holidays

How To Cope With Being Alone During The Holidays

Spending time alone can be tough in recovery; which is why this pandemic has not been kind to people in recovery. As the holiday season approaches and we are still in this pandemic, we must prepare for the uncomfortable truth that we might not be seeing loved-ones this year. Of course, this social interaction that is very much needed in recovery is no longer going to be there. Here are some ways we can help mitigate the potential for loneliness and sadness.