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people at a detox program in floridaWhether you need detoxification from alcohol or narcotics, Coalition Recovery’s Tampa addiction treatment programs are here to help. We can help you, or someone you love, get the modernized detox services needed to regain long-lasting health and sobriety. If you’re in need of a detox program in Tampa, Coalition Recovery is here to help.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Services

Most people understand detoxification to be an inpatient procedure, which means that the patient resides within the treatment facility for the duration of detoxification, affording them continuous medical care, supervision, and monitoring. The purpose of inpatient detox is to help individuals overcome physical dependency while ensuring their safety during the process and minimizing the amount of discomfort that they might experience in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient detox is usually reserved for cases where withdrawals can be life-threatening.

However, there’s also an outpatient form of detoxification that allows patients to receive this form of treatment on an outpatient basis. Instead of residing within the facility for a period of approximately one to two weeks, an outpatient detox program means that the patient will commute to the facility every day — except possibly on weekends — in order to receive proper care.

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