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At Coalition Recovery, located near the Tarpon Springs, Florida area, we offer specialized services for those who are suffering from an alcohol dependency. Our philosophy is to innovate, advocate, and educate. We believe in healing every area of life that is affected by alcoholism. We offer a range of treatment programs to meet the needs of each of our clients. These programs involve leading-edge pharmacological approaches and psychotherapies to completely take on a client’s drinking behaviors, past trauma, failed relationships, and other problems that come with heavy drinking. Connect with our team today to learn more.

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Alcohol Treatment Program for Tarpon Springs Residents

Continuous hard drinking can have a major impact on the body and the mind. Heavy drinking can cause major issues with the central nervous system and shift your body’s chemistry to be completely dependent on alcohol to function properly. Alcohol is available almost everywhere, so it is often forgotten how damaging it can be.

One vital piece of information about detoxing from alcohol is that doing it at home or alone is very dangerous. Alcohol detox can be potentially fatal. Other withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Shaking hands
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Strong headaches

Delirium tremens (DTs) and seizures are some of the most severe symptoms from alcohol withdrawal and can have significant consequences if they occur. DTs can cause hallucinations and delusions that are extremely dangerous to go through if unsupervised.

Our alcohol detox in the Tarpon Springs, FL area is staffed with top-quality medical professionals that are on duty 24/7. Detox from alcohol can be an extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Our compassionate staff with our gold-standard care do everything they can to ensure a completely smooth process with the only goal being to get you to feel like you again.

Detox is available to completely restore you physically, the mental and spiritual aspect follows in our later stages of treatment during our continuum of care.

Understanding Alcohol Rehab

Our highest level of care for alcohol treatment near the Tarpon Springs, FL area is our comprehensive day/night PHP program. This program can extend for up to 90 days to offer the smoothest transition possible into the real world. We feel most people who suffer from alcohol abuse need more than the standard 28-day treatment many programs follow.

We know no two people are the same and we take major effort into sitting down with each client and creating a specialized program tailored to the client depending on their past and their goals. There are many philosophies to treating alcoholism that are proven to work. We include all of them in our integrated treatment model. In our center, we want our clients to know that we will prepare them in the best possible way for recovery.

During the week, we provide seven hours of intensive therapy covering a wide variety of areas that alcohol abuse can affect. The first month is mostly spent reflecting on the patient’s past trauma and triggers. The latter two months start to introduce life skills to apply in recovery and what life can look like in the future being clean and sober.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Alcohol Rehab

We offer intensive therapy that is specialized to each individual based on where their strengths and weaknesses may lie. We strongly believe in a group therapy model. This can teach many strengths, from social skills to relationship building. However, we also offer individual therapy in order for clients to truly reflect on their life and experiences.

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program is the backbone of our therapy services. At Coalition Recovery, we define CBT by three different key parts:

  • Breathing retraining – Simple breathing exercises at any time of the day can help battle anxiety and stress. By solely focusing on breathing, you are able to quiet down your mind and be present.
  • Cognitive reframing – Identify and begin to challenge belief systems from the past that have caused issues in life. There is major growth in realizing past thought patterns that have led to actions that created major consequences. Once identified, the client can create their own positive thoughts and beliefs to replace the old ones and create a new positive world and outlook
  • Education – It is important for patients to simply gain a better understanding of the symptoms of poor mental health in order to understand why they have taken past negative actions in their life before. Once educated, the patient can more easily identify when they are beginning to start a negative thinking pattern and interrupt it with something positive.

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab

If you are in the Tarpon Springs, Florida area and are having difficulty giving up alcohol, Coalition Recovery has every tool necessary to help you combat your problems. We are here to create a model that is special to you in order to correct your path in life and address all the issues you have been experiencing. Coalition Recovery is here to restore your life.


Sober Housing for Tarpon Springs Residents




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If you’re a Tarpon Springs resident and you’re participating in one of our treatment programs, we recommend living in our sober living residence. Here, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery away from the distractions of everyday life. This supportive, structured environment can help reduce the risk of relapse. You’ll connect with others in recovery as well as our dedicated team members in this sober living house.




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Reach out today to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab program for those in Tarpon Springs, FL. Since every individual who struggles with alcohol addiction has been through unique experiences, we offer personalized care. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs, which might include help with relationships, your physical health, and your mental health. Cognitive reframing, mental health treatment, implementing effective coping skills, and re-aligning life goals are all part of our treatment plans. We not only help our clients begin the road to sobriety, but we help them sustain it.

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