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Coalition Recovery offers an innovative drug and alcohol treatment program for individuals in Zephyrhills, Florida who struggle with addiction. Our center offers supportive treatment that consists of medication-assisted detox outpatient care followed by aftercare. Coalition Recovery is passionate about providing patients with the most advanced treatment options. We also create personalized treatment programs for every individual in our care.

We utilize both evidence-based psychotherapies combined with holistic therapies and aftercare. This full spectrum of services offers our patients a strong foundation of recovery to allow them to safely integrate back into their daily lives. We understand that each person requires different levels of care, so we make it a priority to handcraft a treatment plan for each patient in the Zephyrhills area.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program



Extensive Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

Treatment of drug or alcohol abuse in the Zephyrhills area generally begins with attending a medication-assisted detox program. Detox is the process of removing any harmful substances from your body. Without the help of a medical professional, it’s possible to relapse during detox. Many of those who attempt to detox on their own will return to drug use due to painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, our detox program is designed to safely and effectively guide patients through the detox process.

Coalition Recovery provides patients with innovative detoxification medications during the detox process in order to soothe withdrawal symptoms in a safe manner.

Professional Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It is a common misconception among many people that addiction treatment solely involves detoxing from a substance and learning about why a substance is harmful. At Coalition Recovery, our patients will develop the life skills they need. A monumental part of building self-reliance and dependability is learning methods to cope with stress. We help patients in the Zephyrhills area learn strategies and coping skills that will combat their idea of needing drugs to deal with stress. Also, we teach patients how to cognitively reframe, which is the process of planning ahead to prevent stressful situations from becoming out of control. Patients will learn techniques to find peace during troubling times as a defense against relapsing.

The Process of Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Treatment at Coalition Recovery services those in the Zephyrhills area and beyond. We begin the process of treatment by performing an initial medical assessment. These assessments will provide us with a portion of the information we need in order to create an individualized treatment plan. Once admittance to our program has been approved, the treatment process will begin. Right away, our new patients meet our clinical director, psychologist, and therapists.

Medical Evaluation

A medical evaluation will establish your main needs and goals in treatment. Generally, patients undergo a physical and mental health assessment. Also, one of our doctors will decide if medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is necessary. If so, we will either prescribe you Vivitrol, Suboxone, or Subutex. Any previous history of MAT should be disclosed and will be factored into your treatment plan and medical history.

Customizing Your Treatment Plan

In order to customize a treatment plan, you will sit with your primary therapist to establish your goals for your time in treatment. We will walk you through a typical day and outline your schedule. You will be informed of the variety of therapy techniques that we offer at Coalition Recovery. You and your therapist will discuss and come to an agreement about what track would benefit you the most. For example, some patients have a history of unresolved trauma that will require extensive trauma therapy on top of their addiction therapy. Also, if you are a dual diagnosis patient (having a secondary mental disorder as well as substance use disorder) you will be receiving treatment for both mental disorders. 

Addiction Treatment Therapies

Drug and alcohol rehabs near Zephyrhills vary greatly in regard to their philosophies. We make our best attempts to create a program that works for the majority of patients, not the few. At Coalition, we offer a variety of therapies, but the basis of treatment is rooted in evidence-based therapies. We have optional group meetings during the evening time that are recommended to attend, but we do not involve 12-step philosophies in our treatment program. Our other therapeutic approaches include:

  • CBT
  • Positive recovery
  • DBT
  • ART
  • EMDR

All of these forms of therapy will be the foundation of group sessions and individualized therapies that make up the majority of your treatment.


Aftercare is an integral part of treatment that tends to be looked over by many other treatment centers. For many people, returning from treatment to a life without a job or supportive relationships can be challenging. At Coalition Recovery, we implement aftercare into our treatment process. Aftercare helps patients to build a better life in order to prevent them from relapsing. The whole point of recovery is to build a life that we find worth living, including new opportunities, responsibilities, and mended relationships.


Sober Housing for Zephyrhills Residents




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Zephyrhills residents can benefit from living in our sober housing during treatment. This residence is a safe, substance-free environment. Here, you can focus on your recovery away from the distractions of everyday life. You’ll connect with others in recovery as well as our dedicated team members. Sober housing can be an invaluable resource as you rebuild your life.



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