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If you are looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatment near Town ‘n’ Country, FL, Coalition Recovery can help. In our center, you’ll find qualified professionals with over 50 years of experience in treating substance use issues.

Recovering from an alcohol or drug dependency is much more than just going to a facility to get sober. Instead, you need to make lasting changes in your life. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable but also well-versed in all philosophies that are proven to be successful in treating addiction. We have multiple treatment models for all of the different paths individuals may have walked before arriving at our facility.

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Individualized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Near Town ‘n’ Country



Initial Intake Assessment

Before you step foot into our facility, our qualified admissions department will perform an in-depth assessment to discover your unique needs and goals in treatment. Our admissions team also wants to make sure you are the right candidate for our services. If we feel your specific problems can be better treated elsewhere, we are partnered with other drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Town ‘n’ Country area.

Meet Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Staff

Once our admissions team has established that we are the right fit for you, the addiction treatment process can really begin. We like to introduce some of our highly qualified team members so that you feel supported as you begin treatment.

Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

When you first arrive, an initial assessment will determine if you are struggling with any co-occurring mental health issues. We are not here to offer a blanket solution to a very complicated issue. You will begin with a physical health examination by one of our nurses followed by a psychological diagnosis performed by one of our board-certified psychiatrists.

Medications to Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An integral part of our detox process is ensuring you receive the right medications to help with any possible complications you may have from your substance abuse and mental health history. Our biggest concern in detox is making sure your detoxification is as seamless and smooth as possible. We want you to be comfortable at a very difficult time.

Planning Your Individualized Addiction Treatment Program

At Coalition Recovery in the Town ‘n’ Country, Florida area, we keep our addiction treatment options as open as possible in order to pay special attention to the various problems clients can come in with. Our specialized therapists will sit down with you and present the wide variety of therapy options we provide. During group and individual sessions, you’ll talk through a variety of topics.

Group and Individual Behavioral Therapy

We are considered a holistic treatment center because we believe in healing our clients not only mentally but physically and spiritually. We provide holistic therapies like acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy as well as a nutrition & wellness program. Yoga and music therapy also play an integral role in patients getting back in tune with themselves and generally feel better about themselves.

Our other intensive therapies include :

  • Accelerated resolution therapy (ART)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Optional 12-step facilitation therapy
  • Amino acid therapy

We are not here to just identify your triggers and move on. Our intensive therapies will get you to dig down deep to the root of your problems and help you identify your triggers.

Intensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Near Town ‘n’ Country

At Coalition Recovery, we pride ourselves on our gold-standard aftercare. It is our main mission to restore each client’s life It should be noted, however, that treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is simply the beginning of a life-long journey. We want to provide clients with the best launching pad possible before setting out into the real world again.

We practice ongoing clinical care after a patient completes treatment. Our team provides the opportunity for monthly clinical follow-ups for those who have completed treatment and are still in the area.

Once discharged from treatment, clients must now rebuild their life. Some have to find new jobs and start from scratch while others are going back to the old life that has caused them trouble in the past. Regardless of your situation, Coalition Recovery will stay in touch and offer any necessary resources to ensure long-term recovery.


Sober Housing




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Sober housing for Town ‘n’ Country residents who are in treatment can be an incredibly beneficial aspect of the recovery process. In sober housing, you’ll have the support of team members and others in recovery. You’ll connect with others and have accountability as you work to rebuild your life. Our sober living residence is also conveniently located and offers a safe, drug-and-alcohol-free environment.



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