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Coalition Recovery is the premier drug rehab located near Wesley Chapel, Florida. We offer advanced therapies and individualized treatment as part of our continuum of care. We follow more than just one treatment model in order to satisfy the diverse clients who have come into our facilities. In our recovery center, clients also discover that sustainable recovery is possible.

Not only do we treat the disease of addiction, but we also focus on and heal every area of life that can be affected by substance use disorder. Each client receives a specialized treatment program based on their life experiences and abuse history. If you are interested in getting help for drug addiction, Coalition Recovery has the resources you need to make that possible.

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Individualized Drug Rehab Services



Understanding Medical Detox

Once a client contacts our admissions team and is put through an assessment to ensure they are right for our program, they will enter our modern medically supervised detox program. Our detox staff will sit with each patient as they arrive individually to extensively discuss their drug abuse history, mental health history, and any current issues that are experiencing.

Detox is all about healing physically. It is in the later stages of our treatment model where the mind and spirit will begin to heal. It can be dangerous to go through detox at home or alone in an unsupervised environment. Instead, in our center, 24/7 medical staff is there for no other reason than to ensure you have the support you need. Between medications, our luxurious facility, and our holistic therapies, we know we can make the detox process as easy as possible.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Once a client is safely done with detox, they will enter the heart of our treatment program. Our day/night program is designed for long-term success. We suggest a 90 day stay to ensure a smooth transition back into the real world. Clients will have several hours of intense therapy a day (Monday–Friday) with optional groups at night.

Some of the therapies we offer include:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

ART can support and help connect pieces of valuable information inside the patient’s brain. This can shed light on past trauma that could have an impact on substance use issues.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps patients identify their primary negative thoughts and behaviors. Understanding the reasons why they have done actions they may regret in the past can ensure they don’t repeat them in the future. Once those negative behaviors and drawn out, the real work begins as the individual creates healthy replacements.

12-Step Groups

Many individuals want a spiritual solution to their drug abuse problem. During treatment, Coalition Recovery offers various introductions to the keys and principles of the 12 steps. We break it down in a simple way so clients can evaluate if they want to continue with the 12 steps beyond treatment.

Nutrition & Wellness

Along with the mind, the body suffers just as much from substance abuse. We believe teaching new healthy habits and welcoming exercise as a daily activity is a great form of combating negative thoughts and feelings. Eating well simply makes one feel better which can significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Outpatient Services

As clients progress through our PHP program, we introduce our intensive outpatient program which is a major transition for those moving along our treatment model. Outpatient treatment involves attending therapy sessions while also enjoying certain freedoms to begin building a new life.

We find the combination of accountability and structure of outpatient treatment is a winning formula for long-term recovery. As clients are facing new everyday struggles in the real world, they can come to our outpatient groups and process it in a healthy way.


Sober Housing for Wesley Chapel Residents




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One of the most effective services we offer is our sober housing. Clients who are participating in our outpatient programs can live in a safe, supportive environment while in treatment. Our dedicated team members also ensure that the residence is drug-and-alcohol-free. Here, you’ll connect with others in recovery. So for Wesley Chapel residents who want more support and accountability on the road to recovery, sober living is ideal.


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