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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Palm Harbor, FL

Coalition Recovery offers a full spectrum of innovative substance abuse treatment for individuals in the Palm Harbor, Florida, area who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, or both. Our addiction treatment program offers a full continuum of care- detox, treatment, and outpatient care. Coalition Recovery prides itself on providing patients with the most updated and advanced treatment options. Additionally, we ensure that we put every patient’s comfort and safety first.
Coalition Recovery uses both evidence-based psychotherapies combined with holistic addiction treatment. Our commitment to recovery makes our program one of the most sought-after detoxes in Florida. We understand that each person requires different levels of care, so we make it a priority to handcraft a treatment plan perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Palm Harbor Detox



Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

Treatment of drug or alcohol addiction in Palm Harbor generally begins with attending a medically professional detox program. Detox is the process of removing any detrimental substances from your body. Without the help and safety that is provided by medical professionals at a detox program in Palm Harbor, the symptoms of withdrawal will begin to take a toll. When detoxing off of any substance, a person will experience uncomfortable and possibly dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, detox programs have become available to provide a safe and effective environment for patients who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Coalition Recovery provides patients with innovative detoxification medications during the detox process in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Our facility understands that one of the main reasons patients fail to complete treatment is because of the unbearable symptoms associated with withdrawal. Coalition Recovery’s medical detox program offers people in Palm Harbor with a safe and professional setting to properly overcome the detox process.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Everything You Need to Know

People often think addiction treatment is solely detoxing from a drug and learning why substances are harmful. In our program, individuals will develop life skills needed to be self-reliant and dependable. A large part of building self-resilience and dependability is learning methods to cope with stress. Because drugs and alcohol are often used as a crutch during stressful situations – we help build strategies and necessary coping skills to help prevent these stressful situations from occurring (such as planning) as well as how to handle these situations in the event that they do occur, like cognitive reframing. Guests will learn techniques to ultimately find peace during these troubling times so as not to use – including some immediate solutions like breathing and/or thinking techniques.

Here’s how your substance abuse treatment begins at Coalition:

  • Initial Assessment – Treatment at Coalition Recovery services the people of Palm Harbor and begins with a medical assessment. This is the first thing you will do, as you step through the doors. This process will ensure you qualify for our integrated program.


  • Meet the Team – If both you and the medical staff at Coalition Recovery find it fitting, the treatment process will begin. You will be introduced to the staff. At Coalition recovery, we encourage our clients to meet our clinical director, psychologist, and therapists – to ensure they build comfortable relationships with our addiction specialists.


  • Diagnosis – Medical evaluations will ultimately establish a base for your treatment plan. Generally, you will undergo a physical health examination by our nurse. Once this is complete, you will participate in a psychological assessment and a diagnosis will be performed by a board-certified psychiatrist.


  • Medically-Assisted Treatment – MAT has been proven to increase the overall chances of success in treatment. If deemed necessary, Dr. Barnett is certified to prescribe Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, etc. Any previous history of MAT should be disclosed and will be factored into your treatment plan.


  • Customizing Your Treatment Plan – During this stage, you will sit with your primary therapist to establish your treatment goals and plans while in treatment. We will walk you through a typical day and what it looks like. We will also inform you of the variety of therapy techniques we provide. You and your therapist can discuss which track will benefit you the most. We then employ a standardized instrument test to measure your treatment progression.


  • Participating in Therapy – Alcohol and drug rehabs near Palm Harbor, Florida vary greatly when it comes to philosophies. We try to keep things as open as possible to create a program with works for the many, not the few. We have a variety of therapy options available, but the basis of treatment is rooted in evidence-based therapies. We do suggest attending group meetings in the evening, but our treatment does not involve 12-step philosophies. Our more modern approaches include CBT, Positive Recovery, DBT, ART, and EMDR. All of these types of therapies will be the foundation of group sessions and individualized therapies that make up the majority of treatment.


  • Aftercare – Aftercare is an integral part of treatment. For many people, they return from treatment to a life without a job, without money, and/or to a life with toxic and stressful relationships. Aftercare looks at these situations and tries to help build an overall better life to return to. Returning to the same life that led a person to addiction can only be setting them up for failure, but returning to a new life with new opportunities, responsibilities, mended relationships, and purpose will set someone up for their best chance of success!


Rehab Goals

Coalition Recovery is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab for people in Palm Harbor, Florida. Drug and alcohol addiction are both equally damaging brain disorders that can cause extreme emotional, physical, and spiritual strain on an individual’s life. Addiction tends to profoundly affect each aspect of an afflicted person’s life such as damaging relationships, causing health issues, and possibly financial devastation. Because we understand how devastating the effects of addiction can be, we take the comfortability of our patients seriously. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” recovery, therefore we ensure to create a customizable treatment plan for each and every patient. Coalition Recovery’s goal is to unpack the core issues that caused our patients to use drugs or alcohol initially. Whether it began with childhood exposure to drug use, trauma, or mental illness—Coalition Recovery utilizes the most advanced and innovative therapies in Palm Harbor.


Poolside Detox, Sober Living & Addiction Treatment




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Coalition Recovery offers sober housing in Palm Harbor for individuals in our Day/Night program as well as our IOP program. We strongly recommend living in our sober residence as it helps people better connect with our community and significantly limits the chances of relapse. Our house is staffed by trained technicians to handle and maintain the house in a safe and effective manner.




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If you feel hopeless, we welcome you to our inclusive recovery community. The world is beautiful in recovery, and we are excited to introduce you to a new way of living. Because each individual has their own special circumstances, we work with everyone on a case-by-case basis. This means each treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs, giving you the best chance for long-term success. We believe through cognitive reframing, mental health treatment, implementing effective coping skills, and re-aligning life goals; we have created a treatment plan that not only helps people find their sobriety but creates a life-long recovery process.

We have helped countless take control of their substance use disorders, our staff will make it their mission to help you too. There’s no better time than the present—call today at 888.707.2873