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Medical Detox in Plant City, FL

Coalition Recovery is one of the leading addiction treatment centers in the Plant City, Florida, area. With our comprehensive medical detox program and our additional levels of care, we provide one of the most extensive treatment programs today! Rather than conforming to the one-size-fits-all treatment ideology, we provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan to meet each and every one of their needs.

Our treatment program at Coalition Recovery consists of medical detox, inpatient drug treatment, outpatient treatment services, as well as aftercare for our alumni. We implement a 90-day program in order to allow our patients the time they need to heal and recover away from all distractions and triggers. We prioritize our patient’s safety and comfort levels above all because we understand how difficult recovering from an addiction can be.

Coalition Recovery Offers Medical Detox for Plant City Residents. Call 888.707.2873


How Medical Detox Works


If you are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction in the Plant City area, attending a luxury medical detox program is vital for your recovery. Detoxification is the process of removing all harmful substances from the body. Many people make the mistake of attempting to detox on their own, only to realize that the withdrawal symptoms are too hard to bear without medical attention. Medical detox is necessary if you have been using substances for a long period of time, have been using large amounts of a substance, experience cravings when you go without the substance, or have attempted quitting on your own without success.

Withdrawal symptoms, when left untreated, can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Withdrawal symptoms usually begin to take effect after 24 hours without the substance in your body, so attending a medical detox promptly is important. Our team of medical professionals and doctors provide comfort and care for each patient through innovative medication-assisted detox. Coalition Recovery’s medical drug detox provides 24/7 care in order to ensure each patient is safe throughout the detoxification process.

Alcohol Withdrawal Is Easier in a Medical Detox Program

Detoxing from alcohol can be exhausting and even life-threatening when not under medical care. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically last between five to seven days. Heavy alcohol consumption can interfere with your brain’s functionality, specifically the central nervous system. These effects can become detrimental to one’s life when left untreated, so medical detox is necessary when detoxing from alcohol. Severe alcohol withdrawal can result in death, please do not attempt this on your own. Call a medical professional at Coalition Recovery today.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

These are prescription anxiety medications that have become commonly abused due to their addictive qualities. The withdrawal symptoms are very similar in nature to alcohol withdrawal, making the detoxing process extremely dangerous without medical attention. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can last anywhere from one to four weeks. Considering the severity and length of this withdrawal process, it is vital that people in the Plant City area attend medical detox at Coalition Recovery.

Stimulant Withdrawal

While the physical withdrawal symptoms in regard to stimulants are not as severe as alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opiates, the mental aspect of the withdrawal stage can be brutal. These withdrawal symptoms cause flu-like symptoms as well as mental symptoms similar to severe depression. The withdrawal process can last from one to two weeks. Many people underestimate the severity of this detoxing process, but the mental aspects alone are enough to require medical attention.

Opioid Withdrawal

Opioids, or opiates, are prescription painkillers that have highly addictive qualities – making them one of the most commonly abused drugs. Opioids mimic the endorphins in your body, consequently reducing pain and creating a euphoric high. When someone abuses opioids or takes them for a long period of time, their body will rely on the drug to produce endorphins. This makes a person dependent on the drug. When someone detoxes from opioids, they will experience extreme flu-like symptoms that can last for around four to ten days. Without medical attention through a detox program like Coalition Recovery’s, staying sober and completing the detox process is difficult.

Levels of Care Offered After Medical Detox



Inpatient Treatment Program

Coalition offers a full continuum of care for people in the Plant City area including our Inpatient Treatment program. After attending a medical detox, it is recommended that our patients enter into our inpatient program. This program offers 24/7 medical care as well as individual and group therapies. Our inpatient program is the heart of Coalition Recovery, allowing patients to work through the underlying issues behind their substance use disorder.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Coalition Recovery’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be utilized after completing detox and our inpatient program or can be used as a stand-alone treatment option for people who can’t commit to residing on-site. Intensive outpatient treatment provides the same therapies and support groups as our inpatient program but allows patients to have a more flexible schedule. IOP is a great tool to keep you accountable while giving you the support you need to build a strong foundation of recovery. If you are looking for flexible substance abuse treatment near the Plant City area, check out Coalition Recovery’s IOP program.






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Coalition Recovery offers sober housing in Plant City for individuals in our Day/Night program as well as our IOP program. We strongly recommend living in our sober residence as it helps people better connect with our community and significantly limits the chances of relapse. Our house is staffed by trained technicians to handle and maintain the house in a safe and effective manner.



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Call today to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab program for people in the Plant City area. Because each individual has their own special circumstances, we work with each patient on a case-by-case basis. This means each treatment plan can be adjusted to your needs, giving you the best chance for long-term addiction recovery. We have seen countless individuals turn their lives around. We look forward to helping you take back your life from addiction.

Plant City detox is the first step in recovery. Our staff will make it their mission to help you achieve your goals. There’s no better time than the present to begin treatment for addiction. Call 888.707.2873 to learn more about our remarkable detox and sober living programs.