Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment: Which One is Right For You?

The idea of rehab can be a difficult one. Having to admit you or a loved one has a problem can be challenging, uncomfortable, and confusing. To make things more difficult are the variety of levels of care provided by rehabilitation centers. So, in an effort to help you make the most informed decision, we will go over the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment and which ones best suit your specific needs.

5 Typical Rehab Misconceptions Debunked

While in excess of 20 million Americans are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s approximated that just 11 percent end up receiving treatment for their drug use disorder. Many factors may affect an individual’s decision not to look for help, consisting of incorrect notions about the inpatient procedure itself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five mistaken beliefs about rehab that hold individuals back.

Court Ordered Treatment in Tampa Through The Florida Marchman Act

Are you in Tampa, Florida and currently seeking a method for court-ordered treatment?
The Marchman Act of Florida is a last resort for individuals who are not willing to participate in treatment but pose a threat to their safety due to their incapacity to make logical decisions as a result of their addiction. The Marchman Act imposes involuntary treatment towards these individuals for up to 90 days.