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man who is a high functioning alcoholic thinking

What Exactly Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Drinking at social events is so normalized in our culture that we do not notice the signs of alcoholism until it is too late. “Functioning alcoholism” is a colloquial term often used to describe those who are secretly struggling with alcohol addiction, but outwardly appear to live normal, productive lives with an active social circle.…

woman who's addiction to Xanax makes her think

What Are the Symptoms of Xanax Withdrawal?

Xanax is a common tranquilizer drug, usually prescribed in the treatment of anxiety disorders. However, like with many prescription medications, the body may quickly develop a tolerance to it, leading to misuse and addiction. Quitting on one’s own isn’t safe, as it can heighten one’s anxiety and physical discomfort and in certain cases, may even…

Addiciton Treatment for military Members

Military Alcohol Rehab Center Programs

Veterans and active military personnel are at a higher risk of substance abuse. The violence on the battlefield leaves behind lasting scars in the form of physical injury, PTSD, constant stress, other co-occurring disorders and may even estrange the individual from society. As a result, military members may develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs…

woman win alcohol addiction needs florida alcohol rehab

3 Biggest Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

The dangers of alcohol addiction are many. Like smoking, regular consumption of alcohol has far-reaching consequences on one’s physical and mental health but their effects may be palpably felt too late in life. Moreover, drinking at social gatherings is so normalized in our culture that some may not even be aware of their alcohol dependence,…

man takes suboxone for addiction treatment

What Is Suboxone Prescribed For?

Treating opioid addiction and managing withdrawal symptoms can be challenging. For many, painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can tempt some individuals to relapse. Certain medications, such as Suboxone, can help relieve these withdrawal symptoms. This FDA-approved medication is often prescribed by doctors to reduce drug cravings and can be a helpful part of a comprehensive…

family gets therapy for addiction

3 Advantages of Family Therapy for Addiction

Addiction affects not just the individual but also the family and social circle. Family therapy for addiction treatment is often a vital part of the recovery process, allowing the client to address deep-seated issues, rebuild relationships with loved ones, and reconnect with the world at large. Often strained relationships and childhood trauma can give way…